TRACKING the changes of
the skin microbiome over time.


In this experiment the goal was to see if the bacteria we pick up and leave behind can be tracked and traced over time. Do the people and places we come in contact with actually leave a mark on us in the form of new or different compositions of bacteria?


We sampled the skin microbiome of a test subject as well as a range of environments they inhabited, and objects & people that that person came in contact with. The subject collected samples from:

> Lake in Eindhoven
> Eindhoven Airport
> Apartment in Dublin
> Anonymous stranger #1
> Dublin light rail
> Atlantic Ocean
> Refrigerator shelf
> Pub table
> Community pool
> Anonymous stranger #2
> Bath water
> Pizza place



By collecting samples of water and applying tape to the skin and a variety of surfaces to obtain bacteria samples, the test subject collected twelve samples over a period of ten days.


Unfortunately, no DNA was extracted from these samples due to an unknown error, so we were unable to draw any conclusions in this experiment.


Sampling and testing continues…