This is not a project about a dystopian tomorrow.


Our goal is not to point out the frightening, the undone, or the destructive. The MSA is not an organization designed to showcase ugly truths and reinforce the belief that as humans, we are our own worst enemy, our own largest problem, our own cause of pain. 


This project is not designed to be a demonstration of the dangers of rapid advancements in the life sciences. It is not hoping to prove that once again, your privacy is at stake and what you thought was secure is out in the open, out of control. 


The MSA is interested creating options in the world.


And we want these options to be open and available. We’re an agency designed to facilitate participation, access, and choice. It’s about prototyping the “other” in parallel with the norm. It’s about designing systems where multiple voices can speak, and where control and power are distributed. 


The MSA investigates the future of microbiome privacy issues and prepares citizens for a future where our personal information is at risk through our biological datasets. We work to prepare for unknowns in the future, by asking questions about the ethical implications of life science research today. Our goal is create more options for individuals, to test out possible futures, and to challenge the notion that we should fear those with power rather than be empowered ourselves.


We’re interested in a proactive approach to creating a future we want to inhabit by creating options to work with in a complex world filled with unknowns and promise.